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Lockit P10 Fingerprint Smart Padlock


Introducing the Lockit P10 Fingerprint Smart Padlock – a cutting-edge solution for secure and hassle-free access control. Unlock the possibilities with just your fingerprint, providing quick and convenient access to your home.

With its IP66 rating, this smart padlock is designed to withstand even the harshest conditions, making it water-resistant and suitable for outdoor use. Feel confident knowing that your valuables are protected, rain or shine.

Experience the power of smart technology with app unlock capabilities powered by Tuya. Seamlessly connect the padlock to your smartphone and enjoy the convenience of unlocking and managing access through the dedicated mobile app. No more worrying about lost keys or forgotten combinations.

The Lockit P10 Fingerprint Smart Padlock combines robust security with user-friendly features. Enhance your peace of mind and simplify your daily routines with this advanced padlock. Upgrade to the future of access control today.

Unlock convenience, reliability, and security with the Lockit P10 Fingerprint Smart Padlock. Your valuables deserve the best protection, and this smart padlock delivers it all. Experience the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and intelligent security in one compact package.

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