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Lockit G5 Digital Smart Lock


Introducing the Lockit G5 Digital Smart Lock for Office Tempered Glass Doors, a cutting-edge security solution that combines convenience and advanced features. Unlocking the potential of modern access control, this smart lock offers multiple ways to access your office space while ensuring top-notch security.

Featuring state-of-the-art technology, the Lockit G5 enables seamless unlocking through various methods. Utilize your fingerprint, a secure password, an NFC card, or even the dedicated mobile app to gain entry effortlessly. With the added convenience of a traditional key as a backup, you’ll always have a reliable option.

But the Lockit G5 doesn’t stop there. It goes beyond conventional smart locks by incorporating a doorbell function, allowing visitors to announce their presence conveniently. You can even unlock the door remotely using the included remote control, providing unparalleled accessibility and control.

Stay informed and in control with the Lockit G5’s comprehensive access log. Simply access the intuitive mobile app to monitor and review the history of entries, granting you valuable insights into office traffic and ensuring peace of mind.

Designed specifically for office tempered glass doors, this smart lock seamlessly integrates into your workspace, complementing its aesthetic appeal while enhancing security measures. With its sleek design and robust features, the Lockit G5 Digital Smart Lock for Office Tempered Glass Doors is the ultimate solution for modern access control needs.

Invest in the Lockit G5 today and experience a new level of convenience, security, and control for your office environment. Unlock the future of access control with this intelligent and reliable smart lock.

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